Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm a lttle nervous, I'm doing a trunk show at Lions Gate Quilter's Guild on Tuesday!

When I'm invited to talk a a quilt show, I always wonder what I should talk about, what should I show, what kind of quilters are they, are they traditional, contemporary or are the textile artists? 

As a quilt pattern designer for a few fabric companies, I have realized just how far I have come from the days of not knowing how to quilt, where to start, what's the right way and when I look at my first quilt now, I can see how much better I have become. 
Of course I can always improve and there is so much to learn in the quilting world.

What I love in the quilting world is the how wonderful quilters are about sharing!  Don't know how to do something, ask a quilter, made a mistake, there is always a quilter who says, boy I remember doing that!  Don't know what colours to use or you can't find a fabric to match, the quilter is always there to the rescue, "I have something in my stash that will work".  

So I thought I would share  my journey and how my quilting has changed through the years and how I became a Quilt Pattern Designer that I am today.    So Lions Gate Quilter's Guild, here I come!

Till next time, hug a quilter, they are great!