Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Westcott Scissors by Acme

I was at a trade show recently and met Sue from Acme United Corporation.  She gave me a demo on the titanium scissors and boy I was impressed!  What I like about these scissors first of all they are bright pink... I won't loose them in my studio like my other pairs, but this particular pair have a "Blade Tension Key"  so if you are cutting layers of fabric you can adjust the blade tension.

You can cut several layers at a time easily.

These are great not only for quilters and fibre artists, but for those in the fashion industry. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

I'm honoured to have my "Loon Lake" submission accepted into the La Conner Quilt and Fibre Art Festival October 2013.  I hope that if you have the opportunity to visit LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum and see some incredible work.   Check out my fibre art blog at

I have heard of Barn Quilts......but I don't have a Barn! So......what about garage quilts!

In the latest Quilter's Connection newsletter, Heather did an article on barn quilts (quilt blocks painted on the side of barns) here in B.C. 

Mulberry Wine
As part of the editorial committee of the magazine I suggested to Heather that we should start a "Garage Quilt"  for those who live in the city! 
So.....let me know what you think.

The idea would be to have a piece of wood cut by your husband  or your local hardware store,  approximately 15" square, using exterior paint, paint a  quilt block and hang it on your garage, let's see how many we can do and let me know!  Email me at!