Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Modern Movement Terminology

When I started quilting there were quilting terms that I needed to learn, (ie. fat quarter, contrast,etc.), so when I was explaining the process of making my quilt to another quilter she would be able to understand what I was talking about.

Well the modern quilting movement is here and with them comes modern quilting terminology.

I thought I would share with you and explain a couple of terms used in the modern movement today.  They are  "Low Volume" and "Negative Space".

"Low Volume" quilt 
 Is a quilt using "fabric which shows up as a solid (or nearly solid) in a black and white photograph" or what I  refer to as  "light fabrics that read very light in our palette or pastel colours.

Here is an example of "low volume"  You can see that there is not a lot of contrast between the fabrics.

Negative space"
They (modern movement) refer to the space around and between prominent design elements. Those of us who have been quilting for a long time know this as the background. The modern quilters use  very few design elements in their quilts, which enables the designer to enhance the background using intricate machine quilting similar to what we would do in a "whole cloth quilt".

I hope this answers a few questions and please if you have others regarding the modern movement, please ask and I will find out for you!

Until next time have a great week!