Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's official Wool is the in thing from Spring Quilt Market!

Well it's official, wool is in at Spring Quilt Market! I agree that wool for applique is the best thing since apple pie. I have used wool for a couple of my patterns and there are more to come. No needle turn required, when I do flowers I just cut my shape and away I go. Wool is so versatile, either appliqued by hand or by machine, both look great, you can also use a fusible web, it doesn't matter. Hand dyed wool has a variations of colour throughout the piece which make wonderful flowers, large or small along with beading and embroidery floss you just can't beat it. It washes well on quilts, though I recommend hand washing your items. I have used it on cotton and flannel!
Don't overlook this wonderful material, it adds dimension and warmth to you quilt! Here are a couple of my patterns that use wool applique!

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