Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tsukineko Inks and a Traditional Quilter

As you know I'm a traditionalist as a quilter designer but with a twist. I'm always looking for techniques that will enhance my designs and make it fun and a learning expierence for those who purchase my patterns. I have always wanted to use Tsukineko Inks, but not being an artist I was wondering how I could you these wonderful inks to enhance my quilt designs. Well, my very dear friend and Fibre Artist Judy Greenwood ( and I spent the afternoon playing around with the inks and she helped me use them in one of my designs. Well as you can see, a plain looking flower is has come alive with a little ink. Heat setting this with an iron will make it permanent. Along with a little beading and hand embroidery these flowers will be good enough to pick! This technique gives the traditonal quilter who loves applique to try something new, but you don't need to be an artist to do it. With a little bit of shading and highlighting on your flowers you can make you flowers come alive on your quilt. Wow what fun I had and I'm looking forward to doing more! I will also be trying this on wool as well! I will keep you posted on this wonderful journey of Tsukineko Inks and a Traditional Quilter!

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