Monday, January 2, 2012

Bernina 550 Quilter's Edition Sewing machine!

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to work on the new Bernina 550 Quilter's Edition Sewing machine here in the studio for a few weeks and thought that I would blog about my experience! 

First thing I liked about the Bernina, was their website.  They have a wonderful informative section that shows you how to use the machine.  By selecting the model, they offer a variety of videos to show you how to use the machine.

Please keep in mind, when you purchase a new machine whatever the make or model, make sure that the dealer offers support. If the offer lessons, take them!
  • One the most important points I can make is that should you decide to purchase your machine from the states, then the servicing, warranty and support will only be done by the shop you purchased your machine.  You cannot take your machine that you purchased in Bellingham, USA  to your local Bernina dealer in Vancouver, Canada and expect warranty, classes or support.   The machines have the service, warranty and support  built into the price of the machine.  So keep this in mind at all times.
In my own personal experience, price should never be the only consideration taken when purchasing a machine.

Okay, now let's get started!

Now I have taken the machine out of the box and I'm now setting it up.  

1.  It's a great size for taking to classes. Not to big.
2.  It has an easy slide on extension table.
3.  The harp is small so the length of the arm is short 7 1/2" from the centre of the needle.  My Elna 7200 Pro is 9 inches.
4.  It has a free arm, which is great for the sewer as well as the quilter
5.  It comes with a walking foot with  interchangeable soles - one for general sewing, quilting sole and an edge stitching and in the ditch sole. It also comes with a seam guide

Okay, look for my next post!  We talk about the actual stitching!

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