Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Camera for Christmas

My dear husband Morgan gave my a camera for Christmas and I love it.  I spent New Years day taking pictures, trying to find a place where the fog had lifted was another challenge!  I finally arrived at Hayward Lake and trotting down to the lake from the parking lot feeling like a professional with my tripod and camera in hand.  As I was trying to set up the tripod, and man came over and said got a new camera for Christmas?  How did he know....then he asked if I had seen the eagles, I said no.  His reply was "You walked right past them....then I knew, a professional photographer would have noticed....oh well.  What is great about having a camera that has telephoto, wide angle, panoramic and micro is I can really see the world around me in a whole new way.  So.....when I didn't forget to take the lens cap off, these are a few of my pics!

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